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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Photo-essay- Flower show in Noida-India

In March of this year I went to see the flower show in Noida, north India.Every year a flower show is held in Noida - this year it was from the 10th-12th of March 2012. So,come along and let me show you around...
A bull is sculpted out of flowers in the picture above.
 Look at this huge arrangement of flowers of various kinds.
                                  Now,here's a real big dahlia,fresh as can be.
These flowers in a pavilion in the pic above were being judged by a panel of experts when we went and so  only a quick pic was possible.The winners were judged during the show ,which lasted from the 10th-12th of March. and their names declared on little cards hung on the plants they grew.
The vast grounds were the flower show was organized.Apart from the flowers on display,there were also plants for sale,interesting plant holders in the shape of birds and animals in various poses,bonsai - and the local school kids gave a spirited performance-clad in traditional costumes they danced to folk music,while some danced to the latest bollywood songs.In the picture below is an old bonsai plant(banyan tree )-150 years. match the occasion...well,what better way than to do up your hair in the form of flowers! These kids are awaiting their turn to perform on stage,dressed in traditional attire.
The flower show was well attended and everyone had their bit of fun in the sun.Stalls made good business,visitors went around the grounds admiring the flowers on show there,stopping now and again to grab a bite from the food stalls or to purchase something from the flower show.
And I came across this plant design...looks more like the roots were designed to grow a certain way making the plant more attractive.What do you think? In the end it was a lovely sunday spent with family at the flower show.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Artwork on the walls of Amber fort

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Amer fort,popularly known as Amber fort in Jaipur India.I usually don't share my travels on this blog but,the artworks on the walls and ceilings of this fort were so beautiful that I thought of sharing some of it with you.There are many forts and palaces across India and all have impressive artwork in various styles.This fort was built in the later part of the 15 TH century on a hill, in the Mughal and Rajput style of architecture.Here are pictures of the artwork on the walls of Amber fort. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Art at the Christmas market -Delhi-2011

 In the first week of December 2011 the Indo- German chamber of commerce hosted their annual Christmas market in Delhi.Smaller than the Christmas markets of Europe but,popular- this  Christmas market had stalls selling Christmas decorations,paintings,clothing,art and craft,cutlery,and german foods like Stollen a popular German cake sold during the season,sausages,Mulled wine and waffles. The roof top restaurant had on the menu German style mashed potatoes,fried chicken and a few other dishes.
 It was very crowded and although I stood in line to buy food at the roof top restaurant ,I came out of line midway as I noticed too many flies on the food.I however,did buy their cake"Stollen" ,some waffles and mulled wine along with some other things. Loved all the art and craft on display,love the paintings in the pictures below.
 All in all it was a lovely sunny day in winter made lovelier with good food and beautiful crafts.
                    Ginger bread house below.
This year I plan on seeing the Christmas markets of Europe.That should be fun! If you missed an earlier post on the Christmas market (2010)click on the link to view.